December 15, 2014

Six Months of Success!

Thanks to the campaign by DC’s homecare workers, more agencies are obeying the law and paying the city’s living wage of $13.60 an hour.

December 5, 2014

DC Homecare Workers File First Lawsuit

A group of DC homecare workers are filing the first in a series of lawsuits for unpaid back wages, unpaid late wages, unpaid sick days, overtime and other damages.

November 15, 2014

Did you know…?

A study released in April 2014 from the Bureau of Economic Analysis compared the price of goods and services from different geographic areas across the country.

November 8, 2014

DC Homecare Workers Are Standing Up!

Come to our next Homecare Workers meeting and be part of our movement! We will meet Wednesday, November 12 6pm-8pm.

October 25, 2014

DC Homecare Workers Are Standing Up For Dignity and Respect on the Job

There are thousands of homecare workers in DC and Maryland who have not been paid for weeks of work and have not received coverage by DC’s Living Wage Law and laws governing sick time.