When DC’s homecare workers began campaigning with the help of 1199 for higher wages and respect on the job, many workers were not being paid the legally mandated living wage. Hundreds of workers came together during organizing meetings and rallies in order to hold employers accountable.  Due to the hard work and determination of homecare workers, agencies began paying home health aides what they were legally owed. By standing together, homecare workers helped raise the living wage from $10.50 to where it stands currently at $13.95. Yet, once again, we are getting reports that agencies are not abiding by the district’s wage laws which requires homecare workers to be paid no less than the specified living wage.

Deena Alston, a home health aide from Human Touch agency says, “I am proud of the work I have done with 1199. For years I couldn’t pay rent or support my family, but after taking a stand with other DC Homecare workers, we’re on a path to $15 an hour and a union. Agencies not obeying the living wage laws are breaking the law, but we’re continuing to hold them accountable. There is no way that they are getting away with this!”

If you believe you’re not receiving the legally mandated living wage of $13.95 please give us a call at 1 (800) 956-8918.